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Gods and Generals

A review by Mark Lewis

Well y'all... I JUST got back from seein' Gods and Generals.  

I thought it was a great film. A bit long, four hours, but it DID have an intermission. 

Robert Duvall was excellent as Gen. R.E. Lee, and is the spittin' image of the great General. Stephen Lang's Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was also a great work. Jeff Daniels as Lt. Col. Lawrence Chamberlain was fairly good too, although I DO think that his soliloquy from Shakespeare could have been edited out. The movie had quite a cast to it, several people whose faces you know, and even some who’s names you know. The cast list is WAY too long to list here, as there were 157 speaking roles,, according to Yahoo Movies.

Over all I think the movie was very good, but there was a feeling of something missing. Maybe in the 6 hour DVD release will make up for it.

Just my two cents.


©2003 Mark A. Lewis