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Fishin' is a fine Texas Tradition.  Here are some fishin' stories, and they DIDN'T get away.




Okay...  It's NOT Texas, but I'm sure there're instances of noodlin' throughout North Texas, as well as other areas of our great state.

I don't know if you are familiar with "noodling", but it is the term for the way Oklahoma guys catch their fish.  These guys wade out  into the river and feel for holes in the river floor. When they find a catfish hole, they stick their hands in there and pull out these monster catfish.  Here are some pictures of what they come out with.  Think about  these fish the next time you're swimming in the river.

Here're some pictures:

cat1.jpg (24371 bytes) cat2.jpg (60740 bytes) cat3.jpg (35180 bytes) cat4.jpg (15776 bytes) cat5.jpg (25877 bytes)


Sorry I don't have anymore info 'bout the pix.  If you have any info, or you have some pix you'd like to share, PLEASE email me!