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10-07-~2.jpg (98063 bytes) In this 1906 photograph, taken by P.H. Loeper of Ashland [PA], Centralia is shown as it looked at the turn of the century.  Many of the homes demolished in the 1980s and 1990s had stood for more than 100 years.


10-07-~3.jpg (99171 bytes) Although some were aware of the mine fire that doomed the community, Centralia had a great celebration for its centennial in 1966.  Every building pictured, at left, would be torn down in less than 25 years.
10-07-~4.jpg (75215 bytes) Only five people witnessed the demolition of St. Ignatius Church, at left.  Many of the town's residents felt that it would have been too painful to watch.
10-07-~5.jpg (60640 bytes) This photograph was taken in December 1997.  In addition to the steam, a very strong smell of sulfur is present.  Notice the pipe venting the underground gases.  Near this area, Deryl B. Johnson recorded a temperature of 800 just 12 inches below the surface.

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